Patient Comments

Local Patients

“My hemorrhoids were really affecting my life. I had the laser treatment for hemorrhoids. I no longer have pain or bleeding. For me it’s been a miracle.”

Jerry, Police Officer
San Diego , California.

Age 33

“Thanks to your colorectal cancer screening, you saved my life”

Chandra, Clinical Researcher
Scottsdale , Arizona.

Age 51

“My family doctor told me that your clinic was the best. He was right. I’ve never felt better. Years of suffering in silence are gone.”

Stan, Construction Worker
Escondido , California.

Age 45

“I had a quick and painless hemorrhoid treatment, felt 1000 times better, and went right back to work.”

Marilyn, Bank President
Phoenix , Arizona.

Age 60

International Patients

International patients come to us regularly from all over the United States , U.S. Territories, Canada , Mexico , Central America , Japan , Korea , Indonesia , Australia , South America , Europe , Africa , and the Middle East . Our international patients share a common experience – in that professional, affordable and quality health care for hemorrhoids are mostly unavailable in their native areas. These patients are very enthusiastic about their visits to our clinic. Some of their comments are listed below.

“You are a miracle doctor. Before coming to your clinic I couldn’t walk a block before my hemorrhoids came out. Now I can walk for miles and miles.”

Muhammad, Textile Importer
Dubai , United Arab Emirates.

Age 79

“I had problems with my hemorrhoids since the birth of my last child. Thanks to you, I look and feel younger.”

Maria, Housewife
Guadalajara , Mexico.

Age 51

“I can drive straighter, go faster, and jump higher, thanks to the prednisone galvanic treatment I received at your clinic.”

Gary, Champion Jet Ski Driver
Sydney , Australia.

Age 23